To purchase Bennys Bloody Mary Beef Straws stop in at one of our locations. Not close enough to stop in, order online at: Bennysbloodymarybeefstraw.com
2312 N 6th St
Beatrice, NE
Monday-Friday 10-7
Saturdays 9am-5pm

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Products Price*
Beef Slaughter $58.00
Private Label Fee $15.00
Splitting Fee (anything other than whole beef or 1/2 beef) $6.50
Emergency Kill Fee & Kill ONLY Beef $70.00
Processing (vacuum packaging) $0.65 /lb.
Grinding $0.12 /lb.
Vacuum Package Ground Meat $0.12 /lb.
Patties (grinding extra) $0.42 /lb.
Tenderized or Cubed $0.53 /lb.
Slicing $0.80 /lb.
Dried Beef (w/ full process) $1.30 /lb.
BBQ $1.60 /lb.
Summer Sausage $1.85 /lb.
Cheddar Summer Sausage $2.35 /lb.
Jalapeno & Cheese Summer Sausage $2.45 /lb.
Ring Bologna $2.10 /lb.
Beef Jerky (ground & formed) $2.75 /lb.
Beef Sticks $2.75 /lb.
Meat Loaf (all beef) $2.10 /lb.
Cured Beef Only $1.30 /lb.
Cure and Process $1.85 /lb.
* We appreciate all processing to be picked up promptly. Any meat held longer than 2 weeks will be charged a $5 storage fee each week it is held. Any processing held longer than 90 days becomes the property of C & C Processing. Prices Subject to Change without Notice.